We launched the Lowest Wage Challenge on November 5th, and to say that this last month has been a whirlwind is a HUGE understatement. The response has been absolutely incredible, and you’ll be excited to know that there are brands with amazing integrity that are joining the movement of publishing their lowest wages.

We told you that we would announce the first brands to commit to the Lowest Wage Challenge—the Charter Brands—on December 5th. Based on what we have heard from them, we are going to give that a bit more time. Several brands are ready, but a few need a little more time to learn the process of gathering the data to verify lowest wages in their manufacturing. For us, the integrity of the process and the quality of the brands that commit to the Lowest Wage Challenge are more important than a specific date. With that in mind, we are pushing the announcement date of committed brands to next quarter, Q1 2020. 

To that end… 


  1. We are pulling together a full update on the new timing for the “Charter Brands” announcement. We’ll also update you on what we have learned from some amazing labor associations, as well as additions we are making to our processes.
  2. Because of you, over 550 brands have been nominated!!! THANK YOU. We’ve seen a ton of excitement from brands, and a bit of fear, because genuine transparency is not the norm. But when you, the consumer, ask more of brands we see amazing things happen.

Ok, so stay tuned, and we’ll be back with you soon.