The Lowest Wage Challenge is asking brands AND consumers to recognize that you don’t have to be perfect before you can be honest. 2% of workers earning a living wage is unacceptable. Shifting toward 100% will require vulnerable honesty and consumers encouraging brands to put themselves out there on this critical issue. Progress over perfection must be rewarded on this journey.

This movement needs like-minded brands who value the people within their supply chains to join. You, the consumer know who they are, and you’re the primary driver who can convince them to join in.
We will announce committed brands in Q1 2020!
Officially on the journey to transparency with all their factories.
Self-Published Wages
Have self-reported their lowest wages in at least 1 factory
Verified Wages
3rd party audit has verified the self-reported lowest wages and made any corrections
Full Audit
Has undergone the full ACCOUNTABLE audit at at least one factory