Consumers Desire True Transparency

Lowest wages tell us how the most vulnerable workers are treated.  For those brands truly serious about taking care of those that make clothing around the world, we must be transparent about wages and empower consumers to join us on the journey to getting everyone to a living wage.  Every person deserves the dignity of a living wage, and we believe it is a human right.  We have experienced that consumers are supportive and loyal to brands that go the full distance in being truly transparent. 

Requirements for “Committed Brands” in the Lowest Wage Challenge:

  • Announce participation, then self-publish a lowest wage by March 31, 2020.

    Your brand must share the lowest wage of at least one factory in your supply chain (domestic and international are welcome). You should continue to go through all factories, but we are asking you simply start with one. Once you commit to self-publishing, we will add you to the “Committed Brands” page that goes live on Dec 5 and is updated monthly.
  • Take ACCOUNTABLE assessment for wage verification by November 5, 2020.

    3rd party verification is critical for the integrity of the #LowestWageChallenge. ACCOUNTABLE is a non-profit, 3rd party assessment that verifies wages through a simple and affordable process. Learn more in the FAQ.

    ACCOUNTABLE calculates a living wage using multiple methodologies, and serves to find economical, partnership-oriented solutions between brands and manufacturers to support the journey toward 100% living wages.
  • While not a requirement to be a part of the #LowestWageChallenge, a full assessment of your manufacturer’s wages, benefits, equality, and safety, is highly encouraged. While wages are a clear and impactful measure of fair employment, these other factors are critical to understanding employees’ overall health and wellness. ACCOUNTABLE can execute this audit affordably, or we can recommend a number of other trustworthy audits.
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